World Developments / The London bombings in July 7, 2005 – version comparison

The London bombings in July 7, 2005 – version comparison

(April 17, 2010)

The events of July 7, 2005 in London were of a relatively small scope compared to 9/11. The difference was not only in the relatively small number of dead and injured persons, but also in the relatively small material damages. But what happened still deserves attention and inclusion among significant extraordinary events. Let us first present the unofficial version and then in a nutshell the government (official) version.

The unofficial version

This version appeared very early. While the unofficial version of September 11, 2001 took several years to come to the light, in this case serious doubts about the truthfulness of the official version emerged just a couple of days after the event.

An exercise had been planned for July 7, 2005 simulating explosions on the Underground network, to take place approximately at the same time and in the same place as where the real explosions then occurred.[9] That could be an explanation for the rapid response of the rescue services after the explosions on the Underground.

The advocates of the unofficial version also point to train times. The public was told that the terrorists boarded the 7:40 a.m. train in Luton.[7] At 8:26 a.m. they were allegedly walking around King's Cross railway station.[8] But the 7:40 train from Luton was cancelled.[4], [10] The terrorists would thus have had to catch the 7:25 a.m. train.[4]

In spite of the large number of security cameras, no image showing all four terrorists together in London has ever been released.[3] However, the analysis of a security camera record capturing the alleged terrorists in front of the railway station in Luton led to a rather interesting conclusion. The detailed analysis pointed to the possibility of a photomontage.[2], [6]

Bruce Lait was in one of the train cars when the explosion occurred. He survived without serious injuries, but not everybody who happened to be nearby had the same luck. He describes the place of the explosion thus: “The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag.”[1] A similar testimony about metal being pushed upwards was given by a woman who had entered the damaged train car to help the injured.[5]

It would not serve much purpose to list all the inconsistencies pointed out by the advocates of the unofficial version; we have mentioned at least the most important ones.

The Official Version

These are fairly recent events and it can be expected that everybody remembers the July 7, 2005 bomb attacks in London very well. According to the official version, at around 8:50 a.m. local time, Islamic terrorists were to have committed three bomb attacks in the London Underground and, at 9:47 a.m., on a London double-decker bus. The result was 52 dead and several hundred injured persons.[11]

Comparison of the Versions

There is a whole number of contradictions between the unofficial and official version. The UK government could maybe remove some of the doubts if it would allow the release of the security camera records. In the opposite case it might seem that it was trying to hide something from the public.



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