Protection against the Effects of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

The Russian military action against the terrorists in Syria illustrates perfectly those countries which protect terrorists, support them and use them for their own aims, and those countries which seriously fight against them. Already, a couple of days after the Russian attacks, total panic had occured within the ranks of terrorists from the Syrian opposition and the Islamic State. However, nothing like this ever happened during over one year of the so-called “bombing” of the Islamic State by the Americans and their allies. The intervention in Syria by the Russians and their alllies totally complies with international law, something which does not apply to the Americans and their allies.

The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was elected in legitimate democratic elections, which took place under the inspection of international observers. The elections showed clearly that the majority of Syrians stand behind Bashar al-Assad. Essentially, already from the start of the fight against the terroristic Syrian Opposition, demonstrations with hundreds of thousands of people took place within Syria to support the legally elected Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad. However, western propaganda ignores such facts and alleges the complete opposite.

The Russians entered the war narrowly before the Americans and their allies illegally tried to establish a so-called no-fly zone above Syria which, in translation, means the bombing of a state to “total” destruction, as occured in Iraq or Libya for example. The Russians are the only chance for Syria against the illegal steps and interests of The West and its allies.

Above all, states such as The U.S.A., Israel, Great Britain, France, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia definitely will not want to come to terms with the ruining of their plans in The Middle East. According to our calculations, it is possible that the financial means spent primarily by these countries towards an unsuccessful and illegal state coup in Syria, could reach up to several billions of dollars, and maybe even the financial sum used for the illegal coup in Ukraine. According to our opinion, sooner or later these countries will undoubtedly find some excuse which they will use in order to try and control Syria and Iran. It is not necessary to stress that this would probably then lead to a direct conflict with the Russian Federation and its allies. What would then follow is quite obvious. More information can be found in the sections World Developments and News, for example. It is important to stress that although a third world war would destroy our technically advanced civilization, it would definitely not mean the end of the world and the extinction of the whole population. To those who know absolutely nothing regarding the effects of nuclear weapons and think that thermonuclear war is unsurvivable, for information we recommend reading the chapter entitled Simulation of a Surface Nuclear Explosion in the City.

Even though we believe that the ingenious Russian move in Syria may create a delay of several months in the conflict between the super-powers and their allies, we still recommend that people should finish their preparations as soon as possible.

English translation – October 24, 2015 (czech original – October 5, 2015)

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