April 10, 2023 – The receipt of new applications for this advice has been suspended. Consultancy concerning protection against WMD is available to a limited extent.

Consultancy concerning ventilation without filter ventilation equipment (FVE)

If a shelter is not equipped with a filter ventilation equipment which can remove (by filters) the majority of pollutants from an intake of external air, it is necessary to ensure a sufficient amount of air simply by ventilation. However how to ventilate safely under the conditions faced during the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)? Someone will say that he will open the window a little and if he does not smell anything, then he will ventilate. He may be lucky, because at that given moment the external air might be safe, but how many times will this method work for him? It is not possible to smell some military chemical agents in the air, either at all or only at higher concentrations, when it may already be too late to take appropriate protective measures. If such a method cannot be recommended, then how to ventilate as safely as possible? The answer is to follow certain tables and recommendations to reduce the risk of inhaling contaminated air. It is important to know how long and when to ventilate, with regards to the meteorological conditions, the number of concealed people etc. We supply recommendations along with tables on how to manage successfully, with a certain amount of luck, in such a situation.

For whom the consultancy is important

This consultancy service makes sense for those who do not have filter ventilation equipment and simultaneously try not to be caught too off-guard if events in the world take a quick turn for the worst. In a number of areas, there is also a low probability of a chemical, biological, toxin or nuclear attack, therefore it would be easy in them to get along even without filter ventilation equipment.

What you will learn from the consultancy service

Consultancy procedure

After receiving the necessary information, (electronically, by regular mail, or personally by prior arrangement), we will send notification when everything should be prepared for you. You will be asked to pay just before we prepare our recommendations and tables.

Comprehensibility of the obtained information

The tables and recommendations should be well understood by everyone who has completed basic education.

Necessary information

We need to know the location of the planned shelter so that we can make detailed recommendations. As you know the area well, it is also necessary that you provide us with a list of critical objects and their location, if they are within a distance of 20–30 km (12–19 mi) from the shelter. Looking at larger cities (approximately over 100,000 inhabitants), chemical plants, waterworks, large industrial centres, swimming and winter stadia, fertilizer and fuel depots, refineries, power stations, civil and military airports (including former ones), radar stations, air defence systems, military bases and ammunition depots, military fallout shelters, larger dams etc. This detailed information will allow us to assess the possible impact of the environment on the planned sheltering place.

Answers to some of the questions

Are the tables “tailor made”? And what about the recommendations?

A part of the tables are adapted towards the given area and the recommendations we supply indicate how we ourselves would proceed in that given area.

Will not the tables be damaged during frequent use?

All tables and instructions are laminated. They are moisture and grease resistant and can withstand 'less than gentle' handling.

If I strictly follow the recommendations and information in the tables, does that mean that I can survive without filter ventilation equipment during conditions of WMD use?

Of course. But being able to cope during conditions when WMD are in use does not only depend upon ensuring a sufficient amount of good quality air.

Will I also find out from the tables after how long, at the latest, it will be necessary to start ventilation in order to avoid high levels of carbon dioxide in the shelter?

Yes. From the tables you can also find out for how long you can be safely in isolation mode, which is the time when you have to manage with only the air inside the shelter. The reason could be, for example, because of smoke outside.

Can I extend the isolation time by using a protective mask with a new filter?

No, because the protective filters do not capture carbon dioxide.

What are the possible sources of exposure to harmful chemical substances?

The risk of air contamination with harmful chemicals outside that of a chemical attack or various fires, is represented by, for example, chemical plants, waterworks, swimming stadia, various refrigeration equipment used mainly in the food industry and winter stadia, fertilizer depots, etc. Accidents at these facilities can in some cases endanger the health and lives of residents even within a distance of several dozen kilometres (miles). It depends upon the amount and type of pollutants released, the meteorological conditions etc.

Delivery time

The tables and recommendations are compiled according to a waiting list, and the current lead time is about 2–3 months.
(April 10, 2023 – We are no longer accepting new applications for this advice. Consultancy concerning protection against WMD is still available to a limited extent.)

Delivery method

We send tables and recommendations by registered mail by Czech Post, but personal collection is also possible by prior arrangement.


Payment is made by bank transfer or in cash by prior arrangement (some other payment methods are possible). We send the request for payment shortly before we start processing the tables and recommendations. After receiving the payment, everything is dispatched or ready for personal collection within about a week.


The price for the tables and recommendation of a suitable method of ventilation in the given area without filter ventilation equipment is 4,749 CZK (approx. 222 USD or 204 EUR). The price in USD or EUR depends on the current rate of exchange of the Czech crown on the date of payment. Postage or personal collection, by prior arrangement, is without charge. Information are in English (translation into other languages is possible).

If an order is cancelled prior to payment, no fee will be charged. If the order is cancelled within two days after payment, the fee is 20 %, within three days 50 %, and over three days 100 % (in this case, everything will be delivered).

By purchasing, you agree to the terms and conditions.