Special training against weapons of mass destruction (WMD)

The course will be resumed after the update of the basic course Protection against weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

We consider the outbreak of a third world war to be no longer avoidable. We believe that the countdown has already begun. In the event of a third world war losses on the civilian population would be enormous although the war itself would probably not last longer than several months. It can be expected that approximately seventy to ninety percent of the loss of life caused by the use of weapons of mass destruction would be due to people's ignorance about protection against the effects of such weapons and their absolute unpreparedness for the conflict.

In most countries people have been accustomed to various rescue services, and in some cases also the army, taking care of them during natural disasters. This leads them to belief that in the case of a global conflict, too, the government would take care of them. According to our estimate, the countries that pay significant attention to the protection of their populations would, in the case of an attack by weapons of mass destruction, be able to help several tens of percent of the civilian population, while other countries would be able to provide the necessary help to only several percent of the civilians. All the other inhabitants would simply somehow have to help themselves. How could they do that without appropriate knowledge of protection against weapons of mass destruction, without supplies and the adequate facilities such as improvised or other shelters? The short answer is – hardly.

Who wants to play safe during a third world war and in its wake should rely mainly on himself, i.e. on his knowledge and skills, on having sufficient supplies and a suitable place to hide. If help of rescue services arrives, the better.

Preparation for a third world war is quite demanding and cannot at all be compared to preparations for floods, whirlwinds etc. It should be noted that some people think that to protect themselves against the effects of weapons of mass destruction it suffices to read an article on the internet – preferably just one or two pages long – to be ready for the conflict. To this we can add that no such miraculous guide has ever existed, does not, and will not exist. It would be like thinking we are doctors as long as we know where a body has head, hands and legs.

Our course Protection against WMD allows to acquire very good knowledge of protection against the effects of weapons of mass destruction. However, not everybody has the possibility to simulate various situations under home conditions that might most likely encounter during the war and at the same time evaluate the speed and correctness of their solutions. That is the theme of this course, in which participants train various important operations both collectively and individually. The participants deepen their knowledge about protection against the effects of weapons of mass destruction and have enough space to get answers to their diverse questions. Besides these advantages, the course also offers yet another undisputed benefit – individual participants get to know one another and if interested, they can agree to cooperate further to various degrees.

The training is organized in collaboration with the Archa project in an equipped and fully operational 6-storey fallout shelter and its environs. This shelter is the cutting edge in the fallout shelter category. It has a 11m diameter, 1m thick reinforced concrete external wall, its own well, ladies and men's toilets, wash rooms, septic tank, showers, kitchen, operating room, first-aid station, staff room, peace and combat entrance, decontamination chamber, drinking water distribution, double staircase, heating, electric-power distribution, telephone on every floor (for rapid communication between the floors), wrecking technique, workroom, filter store room … Just spending a night or a short stay in the shelter is an unforgettable experience. One can feel the breath of the period atmosphere here.

What you will learn in the Special training against WMD

The training is demanding especially from the mental point of view. You will be exposed to increased stress. We will measure the time you take to complete certain tasks, correct your mistakes, explain and demonstrate how individual activities ought to be carried out correctly to avoid losing precious time and exposing yourselves and the people around you to unnecessary threat. We will prepare you for a variety of situations that can arise at different distances from the epicenter of a nuclear, chemical, biological and toxin attack. In some respects we will require more from you than would be required of army chemical engineers, but it will all serve a good purpose.

Entry and stay in the shelter is everybody's own responsibility. Nobody should be hurt if everybody obeys instructions of instructors, doesn't run up and down the stairs etc. Any repeated serious breach of discipline, endangerment of the safety of other persons or obstruction of their rights will result in the expulsion of the individual who behaves in such a way from the course.

Entrance requirements:

Venue: 6-storey fallout shelter near Ostrava (a city in the Czech Republic)

Duration of training: 48 hours (Friday 4 p.m. to Sunday 4 p.m.)

Price: 6,999 CZK (approx. 325 USD or 270 EUR – depending on the current rate of exchange of the Czech crown on the date of payment); the price includes accommodation in the shelter, meals and accompanying learning materials in English or in your language

Date: not yet announced

Method of payment: bank transfer or in cash (some other payment methods are possible)

Although a part of the training is carried out wearing protective equipments, it can not be ruled out that your clothes may become soiled or damaged. For this reason you should have change of clothes and footwear with you that you do not matter too much.

The aim of this special training is to teach you how to cope on your own if nuclear, chemical, biological and/or toxin weapons are used. We will teach you how to manage without instruments, without computer and without an expert behind your back. The rest will be up to you.