April 10, 2023 – The receipt of new applications for this advice has been suspended. Consultancy concerning protection against WMD is available to a limited extent.

Consultancy All in 1 (with filter ventilation equipment – FVE)

In the event of the deployment of weapons of mass destruction, it is necessary to have, amongst other things, sufficient drinking water and quality air, first-rate protection against radiation from possible fallout etc. It is therefore necessary to solve several things simultaneously. For this purpose, we offer a package of five consultancy services, (consultancy concerning protection against WMD, consultancy concerning air filtration – containing also consultancy concerning ventilation without filter ventilation equipment (FVE), consultancy concerning the provision of drinking water and consultancy concerning the effects of nuclear explosions), which are around 24 % cheaper compared to the individual consultancy services.

One hour of answering your questions is included in the consultancy concerning protection against WMD. It is, however, better to first study all the recommendations obtained and only then solve more general questions relating to protection against WMD.

Our recommendations are based on how we would primarily proceed ourselves on the basis of the information received in the given area. Often and concisely we justify why we would act in any particular manner.

For whom the consultancy is important

This set of consultancy services is an important source of information for anyone who would like to know what to do if weapons of mass destruction are used near their intended sheltering place.

What you will learn from the consultancy service

In the event of the use of weapons of mass destruction, from this set of consultancy services you will learn how to provide drinking water, sufficient air, radiation protection etc. Details about the benefits of the individual consultancy services are described in detail for each of them.

Consultancy procedure

After receiving the necessary information, (electronically, by regular mail, or personally by prior arrangement), we will send notification when everything should be prepared for you. You will be asked to pay just before we prepare our recommendations and tables.

Comprehensibility of the obtained information

The tables and recommendations should be well understood by everyone who has completed basic education.

Necessary information

All the information which we need for compiling recommendations and tables is presented in each individual type of consultancy service.

Answers to some of the questions

How many pages of text will I receive?

The number of pages is variable, however there are dozens of pages of text.

Will not the tables be damaged during frequent use?

All tables and instructions are laminated. They are moisture and grease resistant and can withstand 'less than gentle' handling.

Delivery time

The tables and recommendations are compiled according to a waiting list, and the current lead time is about 4–5 months.
(April 10, 2023 – We are no longer accepting new applications for this advice. Consultancy concerning protection against WMD is still available to a limited extent.)

Delivery method

We send tables and recommendations by registered mail by Czech Post, but personal collection is also possible by prior arrangement.


Payment is made by bank transfer or in cash by prior arrangement (some other payment methods are possible). We send the request for payment shortly before we start processing the tables and recommendations. After receiving the payment, everything is dispatched or ready for personal collection within about a week.


The price for tables and recommendations is 19,959 CZK (approx. 935 USD or 856 EUR). The price in USD or EUR depends on the current rate of exchange of the Czech crown on the date of payment. Postage or personal collection, by prior arrangement, is without charge. Information are in English (translation into other languages is possible).

If an order is cancelled prior to payment, no fee will be charged. If the order is cancelled within two days after payment, the fee is 20 %, within three days 50 %, and over three days 100 % (in this case, everything will be delivered).

By purchasing, you agree to the terms and conditions.